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IV. Submissions

There are seven basic types of submissions that we are looking for with regard to new accessories: adventure modules, campaign expansions, articles, sourcebooks, fiction, artwork, and software. Each one is different though some have elements of the others within them.

Please read through our Submission Guidelines page for 2e format suggestions. If you're converting 1e or 2e products, you'll want to review the Wizards of the Coast ESD conversion policy. New material using 3e/d20 rules would benefit from following Dungeon magazines writer guidelines.

Adventure Modules
The meat and drink of the D&D game, adventure modules are scenarios that the DM can use to run an Al-Qadim game. Adventure modules vary from brief encounters to those about 200 pages long, or longer. Examples of adventure modules include The Assassin Within (Dungeon #47), The Rose of Jumlat (Dungeon #57), and Blood and Fire (Dungeon #63).

Modules Title, Author, and Description Size The Rose of Jumlat, by Jeroen Grasdyk. Originally published in Dungeon then released on the WotC website for free. 312kb
Corsairs_OWDD.doc Corsairs of the Great Sea: The Genies' Second Wager: Of Waters Dark and Deep, converted by Chad M. Osborne. 50kb

Campaign Expansions
Campaign expansions consist primarily of so-called "setting" material. Their chief purpose is to describe a part of the game world itself, whether by detailing a particular region, or its people and customs, etc. While campaign expansions can by all means include new rules, or monster descriptions, etc., these are secondary considerations. Campaign expansions sometimes include adventure hooks, or a short adventure module that uses that particular campaign expansion. Examples of published campaign expansions are the Land of Fate boxed set and the City of Delights boxed set.

Note: The original boxed sets such as A Dozen and One Adventures and Ruined Kingdoms might also be considered campaign expansions because the included modules are usually related to the campaign material.

Expansions Title and Description Size
Caravans.pdf Caravans adventure and campaign sourcebook. 15,884 kb
Corsairs.pdf Corsairs of the Great Sea adventure and campaign sourcebook. 15,245 kb

Articles are short submissions that engage in a single topic or aspect of the campaign. Most articles vary greatly; they may offer new or optional rules, weapon, armor, or spell descriptions, or just fresh ideas for DM running an Al-Qadim game. Note that most articles do not cover setting material. Articles like those seen in the pages of Dragon or Polyhedron (particularly the Al-Qadim specific ones) should serve as examples for those who wish to submit an article.

Articles Title, Author, and Description Size
AQspells.rtf Arabian Adventures 3e Spell Conversions, converted by Derek Lane. View list. 189kb
AQ3eCharSheet.doc Al-Qadim 3e character sheet, by {unknown}. 183kb

Sourcebooks are, in a lot of ways, like a collection of closely connected and related articles. Like articles, they engage in a single topic or aspect of the campaign but treat the topic much more thoroughly and completely. Most sourcebooks are rules-oriented, providing new or optional systems for either the player or the DM. This is not to say, however, that setting material should not be included. Indeed, most sourcebooks include such material but focus primarily on other aspects of the game. Examples of published sourcebooks would be The Complete Sha'irs Handbook and Arabian Adventures.

Sourcebooks Title, Author, and Description Size
AQNB6_48.rtf Al-Qadim Netbook v6.48, edited by Andreas Hollstein. 1,074kb
AQCM100.pdf Al-Qadim Conversion Manual v1.00, edited by Matthew Hockenberry and Jonathan E. Bauder. 1,307kb
New.AA.r07.1.pdf New Arabian Adventure v7.1, edited by Sevarian. 1,757kb

Fiction is just that. Chiefly were looking for prose works (short fiction mostly), but well entertain just about anything. Most of the early products for the setting included short fiction pieces to introduce the modules but no full novels were ever published for the setting (unless you count the single Choose-your-own adventure book). If someone out there wants to try his or her hand at writing a novel, by all means go for it.

Artwork is extremely important to the Al-Qadim campaign. Any original artwork that has the Arabian Nights feel to it is likely to be accepted.

This is where you'll find custom utilities, patches, or add-ons. We are particularly interested in class, kit, and item conversions for eTools and the Core Rules 2.0 program.

Software Title and Description Size Core Rules (2.0 Expansion) export containing kits, NWPs, and a few monsters for Al-Qadim. 37kb Al-Qadim maps for the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas. 10,912kb
aladdin.TTF Aladdin true type font. 50kb
BODACIOU.TTF Bodacious true type font. 75kb

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