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V. Resources

Links: Al-Qadim Sites -- verified 21-May-04

The following links have been sorted by how useful I've found them to be as a DM.

Arabian Adventures. A fantastic site for converting Al-Qadim to 3rd edition rules.
The Dhow's Hold. A nice site with good (but unfortunately unfinished) ideas.
The Emirates. *Caution: most of the Al-Qadim links refer to .html files but they should actually refer to .htm. You may have to manually change the URLs to access them.
Bjornt's. The "granddaddy" of Al-Qadim sites offers a summary of the Arabian Adventures rules.
Solmyr. Offers a timeline and glossary.
Hit Pointe. Contains an Al-Qadim product list with the corresponding text from the backs of the boxed sets.

Product List -- updated 1-JUN-06

Wizards of the Coast released the majority of the Al-Qadim products in electronic format (PDF, to be precise). Two are free but the rest must be purchased online.

Al-Qadim(R) Arabian Adventures Sourcebook - (TSR2126, PDF $4.99)
The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook - (TSR2146, PDF $4.99)
MC13, Monstrous Compendium, Al-Qadim(R) Appendix - (TSR2129, PDF $4.99)
Al-Qadim - Land of Fate Boxed Set - (TSR1077, PDF $4.99)
City of Delights - (TSR1091, PDF $4.99)
ALQ1, Golden Voyages - (TSR9366, PDF $4.99)
ALQ2, Assassin Mountain - (TSR9431, PDF $4.99)
ALQ3, A Dozen and One Adventures - (TSR9432, PDF $4.99)
ALQ4, Secrets of the Lamp - (TSR9433, $4.99)
Ruined Kingdoms - (TSR9440, PDF $4.99)
Corsairs of the Great Sea - (TSR9449, PDF Free) WizardsOnline
Caravans - (TSR9459, PDF Free) Wizards Online
Cities of Bone - (TSR9467, PDF $4.99)
Reunion -(TSR 9584, $9.95)

Wonders of the Land of Fate (Dragon #179, by Jeff Grubb)
Campaign Journal: Scimitars Against the Dark (Dragon #198, by Wolfgang Baur)
The City of Lofty Pillars (Dragon # 201, by Steve Kurtz)
Campaign Journal: Arabian Adventures Galore! (Dragon #202, by Gregory W. Detwiler)
Time in a Bottle (Dragon #208)
Topkapi Palace (Dragon #211)
Ecology of the Bird Maiden (Dragon # 218, by Paul Culotta)
Campaign Classics: Magical Sands of Zakhara (Dragon #226)
Campaign Classics: The Roof of the World (Dragon #241, by Wolfgang Baur)
Secrets of the Arch-Geomancer (Dragon #250, by Paul Fraser)
Secrets of the Brotherhood of True Flame (Dragon #268, by Paul Fraser)
Al-Qadim: The Return of the Sha'ir (Dragon #315, by Dean Poisso)
Prestige Classes of Al-Qadim: Champions of Fate (Dragon #321, by Dean Poisso)

The Assassin Within (Dungeon #47, by Paul Culotta)
The Object of Desire (Dungeon #50, by Gary O'Connell and Lucya Szachnowski)
The Last Oasis (Dungeon #51, by Peter Aberg)
The Rose of Jumlat (Dungeon #57, by Jeroen Grasdyk)
Blood & Fire (Dungeon #63, by John Baichtal)
Side Trek: Al-Kandil (Dungeon #68, by John Baichtal)

I haven't seen these but they were listed in the bibliography on The Genie's Lamp.
Of Lamps and Logic: Puzzle (Polyhedron #75)
Arabian Wonders: Magic Items (Polyhedron #92)
The Tower of Gold: Scenario (Polyhedron #100)

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