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          What Is the Capital of Manitoba?

          By Ritu Kohli on September 5 2017 in World Facts

          Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, at sunset.
          Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, at sunset.

          The capital of Manitoba is Winnipeg.

          Geographic and Economic Importance

          Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba which is the fifth most populous province of Canada. Winnipeg is situated near the longitudinal center of North America. Since it is in the middle of Canada’s land mass, all rail and road traffic between Canada’s East and West passes through or near the city. Therefore, the city is also called the “Gateway to the West”. Winnipeg is a rail and road transportation hub and has a diversified economy. Winnipeg's largest employer is the government and related organizations. The city has notable trading and manufacturing activities as well as a Royal Canadian Mint coin producing plant. The city is located around the meeting point of two rivers, Assiniboine and Red River. Winnipeg is named after the nearby Lake Winnipeg, which is Canada's fifth largest lake. The city was incorporated in 1873, however, it saw its population boom only after completion of railway through the city. There are many lakes near Winnipeg including Lake Manitoba and the Lake of the Woods.

          Cultural Cradle of Canada

          Winnipeg is also termed as the "cultural cradle of Canada". The city is home to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. The city hosts one of the world's best fringe theater festivals. Every year since 1970, Winnipeg has been holding annual Festival du Voyageur to highlight stories of travelers, Métis and First Nations. The city is home to about half of province’s population.

          Tourist Attractions

          Winnipeg’s main tourist attraction is The Forks. This venue was used by the early Aboriginal traders, European fur traders, Métis buffalo hunters, Scottish settlers, riverboat workers and railway pioneers. Presently, this venue is used as a public space for celebrations and recreation. The Forks Market has several stores and river walkways.

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