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          What is the Biggest State in the United States?

          By Mark Owuor Otieno on July 12 2018 in Did You Know

          A political map of the United States of America.
          A political map of the United States of America.

          The 50 US states come in all different shapes and sizes. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States by land area. In fact, Alaska is so big that the second-largest state, Texas, is a mere 40% of its total area. The state of Alaska is a bigger area than the combined area of 22 smallest US states. In relation to the entire US, Alaska covers 18% of the country's total land area. It is the the 7th largest subnational area in the world. If this isn't impressive enough, if Alaska were a sovereign country, it would have been the 18th largest globally.


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          With 3 million residents and 665,384 square miles of land area, Alaska is one of the most sparsely populated places in the world. Notably, the state is home to half of the world's total glaciers, which amounts to around 100,000. The dominant economic activities in the state are fishing, natural gas and oil extraction. while

          • Southcentral: The Southcentral portion of the state is the most populous region, home to the city of Anchorage, the most populated city in Alaska.
          • Southeast: Also known as the panhandle, this region hosts the largest US national forest as well as the state capital of Juneau.
          • Interior: The Interior is the largest region with most places uninhabited and also has the highest mountain in North America, Mount Denali.
          • Southwest: The Southwest has a sparse population living along the coast and is also home to the Yukon–Kuskokwim Delta.
          • North Slope: The North Slope is well-known for immense reserves of crude oil and tundra peppered with small villages.
          • Aleutian Islands: The Aleutian Islands consist of a series of volcanic islands stretching out approximately 1,200 miles. Some of these Islands are in the Eastern Hemisphere - consequently, the International Date Line deliberately passes 180 degrees west to keep them in the same time zone with the entire state.

          Data from the United States Bureau of Land Management indicates that the US Federal Government owns 65% of Land in Alaska, the state of Alaska owns 41 million hectares, the Alaska Regional Native Corporations owns 18 million hectares, and the University of Alaska (a land-grant university) also owns a fair share of the land. English is the most widely used language though some people speak Spanish, Native, and Asian languages. Christianity is the major religion followed by Judaism, Islam, and Hindu.

          Other Large States

          Texas is the largest of the contiguous states, with a total land area of 268,596 square miles. Texas is also the second-most populated state in the entire United States. Around 28 million people live in Texas, which gives it a population density of around 108 people per every square mile. The largest city in Texas is Houston, which is also one of the country's largest cities as well as one of its fastest-growing.

          After Texas, California is the largest US state. California has a total land area of 163,696 square miles, which makes it the third largest state in the country. California is also notable for being the largest state in terms of population, with a grand total of 39 million individuals - more than the population of Canada!

          The US States By Land Area

          RankStateSize (Square Miles)
          1 Alaska665,384.04
          2 Texas268,596.46
          3 California163,696.32
          4 Montana147,039.71
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          6 Arizona113,990.30
          7 Nevada110,571.82
          8 Colorado104,093.67
          9 Oregon98,378.54
          10 Wyoming97,813.01
          11 Michigan96,713.51
          12 Minnesota86,935.83
          13 Utah84,896.88
          14 Idaho83,568.95
          15 Kansas82,278.36
          16 Nebraska77,347.81
          17 South Dakota77,115.68
          18 Washington71,297.95
          19 North Dakota70,698.32
          20 Oklahoma69,898.87
          21 Missouri69,706.99
          22 Florida65,757.70
          23 Wisconsin65,496.38
          24 Georgia59,425.15
          25 Illinois57,913.55
          26 Iowa56,272.81
          27 New York54,554.98
          28 North Carolina53,819.16
          29 Arkansas53,178.55
          30 Alabama52,420.07
          31 Louisiana52,378.13
          32 Mississippi48,431.78
          33 Pennsylvania46,054.35
          34 Ohio44,825.58
          35 Virginia42,774.93
          36 Tennessee42,144.25
          37 Kentucky40,407.80
          38 Indiana36,419.55
          39 Maine35,379.74
          40 South Carolina32,020.49
          41 West Virginia24,230.04
          42 Maryland12,405.93
          43 Hawaii10,931.72
          44 Massachusetts10,554.39
          45 Vermont9,616.36
          46 New Hampshire9,349.16
          47 New Jersey8,722.58
          48 Connecticut5,543.41
          49 Delaware2,488.72
          50 Rhode Island1,544.89

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